interferometers - INTERFIRE II



The INTERFIRE II family of interferometers is available with a choice of lasers operating at 10.6 microns wavelength, in the 3-5 micron wavelength range, at 1.55 microns or 850 nanometres and allows fringes to be obtained quickly and easily with excellent signal-to-noise.
The INTERFIRE II is designed to perform routine quality monitoring tests for optical components and systems in the infra-red region of the spectrum and may be used in production, quality control or research applications. The construction of the INTERFIRE II, combined with a fast warm-up time means that fringe images can be quickly and easily produced with no focus drift.
The INTERFIRE II features a focal plane array camera which offers excellent sensitivity and low noise, allowing high quality images of fringes to be acquired. With high efficiency and image quality, the INTERFIRE II range is ideally suited for use with fringe analysis software.


       INTERFIRE II 850 nm          INTERFIRE II 1.55           INTERFIRE II 3-5           INTERFIRE II 10.6

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