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diamond turning

DM001 definition of an aspheric surface

DM002 image slicers in integral field spectroscopy

DM003 specifying diffractive surfaces

DM004 Material Contributions to Defects on Diamond Turned Surfaces

DM005 Manufacture Of Moulds Using Single Point Diamond Turning Techniques

DM006 Measuring Diamond Turned Aspheric and Diffractives Surfaces
DM007 Accuracy of Surface Finish of Single Point Diamond Turned Materials

optical system engineering

OSE001 transverse ray abberations

OSE002 optics for uncooled detectors

OSE003 athermalised lens design

OSE004 collimator design for dynamic IR scene projection

OSE005 diffractive optics for lightweight thermal imagers and CO2 lasers


IF001 interferometric testing of objective lenses

IF002 comparison of fringe analysis measurement statistics

IF003 comparison on fringe measurement techniques

IF004 diffraction effects in infrared interferometry
IF005 Fizeau and Twyman green interferometers
IF006 Good practice in interferometry (602kb)
IF006 Good practice in interferometry (60kb)

IF007 wavefront distortion measurement - MTF vs interferometry



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